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Due to poverty and family circumstances in Pakistan’ access to basic education or completing higher education isn’t possible for many. Education can transform lives and enable students to become self-sufficient for themselves and their families. We assist students that have the ability for higher education in becoming fully qualified in specialist and expert subjects. The trust sponsors students to complete PhD, engineering, business courses and more. Your support provides a brighter future and relieves the financial burden for capable students and their families.

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Higher Education Sponsorship Projects

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A row of graduates holding their diplomas achieved through Muazzam Foundation's Higher Education Sponsorships

HE is just about academia, studying higher education allows you to improve your communication, motivation and leadership skills. It will also allow you to gain confidence, learn to manage your time and solve problems. These are all skills that will improve your career and life prospects. But, unfortunately for many this is only a dream as unstable financial economies alongside the need to earn a living and support families dwindles this opportunity away. We sponsor HE students to cover tuition fees, academic-related expenses, travel and more. For our sponsorship programme, we can see over a dozen poor students become graduates in Engineering, the medical sector and more.

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