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The Foundation of Success

The Muazzam Foundation Multiskill Hub Centre is an inclusive and innovative educational facility, aimed at empowering individuals of all ages, genders, and ethnicities in Pakistan. Our short-term courses, which range in duration from 3, 6 months to a year, are offered completely free of charge for underpriviliged individuals*. Many individuals and families are unable to afford basic education to learn skills and travel several miles daily to earn a living.

The purpose behind this initiative is to provide a foundation for success through lifelong learning, ultimately leading to guaranteed stable employment opportunities. Through our varied courses, we foster skill development and provide practical training that makes a difference in people’s lives. Interested individuals can enroll by filling out a form, and selecting the centre and courses of their interest.

*Disclaimer: Eligibility for all three free courses may vary based on circumstances. Please inquire about your eligibility and any applicable fees prior to enrolling.

Details on the courses can be found below.

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Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.

Select from Four Distinct Training Centers:

1. Muazzam Foundation Medical Training Centre

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Forge Your Path In The Medical Field

Our Medical Training Centre is dedicated to offering specialized training in various disciplines of medical technology. These courses may open doors to employment opportunities at our Muazzam Foundation Hospital.

Medical Laboratory Technology
Learn the practical skills necessary for clinical laboratory investigations and diagnostics.
Operation Theater Technology
Train in managing patients in the operation theater and assisting in surgeries.
Radiography & Imaging Technology
Master the art of creating high-quality images for diagnosis and treatment.
Renal Dialysis Technology
Become proficient in performing dialysis for patients with kidney disorders.

2. Muazzam Foundation Skill Centre - Computer Courses

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Unlock The Digital World

Unlock the digital world with one of our computer courses – you will gain practical knowledge and skills required for the increasingly digital world. Be it e-commerce or creative design, we’ve got you covered.

Amazon Virtual Assistant
Learn the dynamics of online product management and customer service.
Amazon Private Label
Master the intricacies of creating and selling your own brand on Amazon.
eBay Course
Delve into the world of e-commerce with a focus on eBay trading.
Graphic Designing
Unleash your creativity through digital art and designs.
Digital Marketing
Understand the strategies to promote businesses online.
Video Editing & Making
Edit and create videos like a pro.
Basic Computer Skills
Gain fundamental knowledge of computer operation.
Office Clerk and Accountability
Develop administrative skills and understand accountability practices.
Architectural Engineering
Create architectural designs using digital tools.

3. Muazzam Foundation Skill Centre - Vocational Courses

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Build Skills, Craft Your Future

Our vocational training centre is here to equip you with practical skills for various trades, crafts and services.

Understand electrical systems and installations.
Learn the installation and maintenance of plumbing systems.
Mobile Repairing
Get trained in mobile device troubleshooting and repair.
Arts & Crafts
Unleash your creative side with a range of artistic skills.
Learn the construction skills fundamental to building.
Air Conditioning and Fridge Freezer Repair
Become adept in repairing and maintaining cooling systems.
Hairdressing and Beautician Courses
Create beauty through hair styling and cosmetic techniques.
Cooking Courses
Master the art of culinary skills.
Breeze Blocks and Tuff Tile
Learn to create and work with breeze blocks and tuff tiles for construction.

4. Muazzam Foundation Welfare Academy

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Shaping Minds for a Brighter Future

The Welfare Academy offers quality coaching classes that will help students in achieving academic excellence and unlocking countless opportunities.

O/A Levels
International curriculum for secondary education.
Standardized examinations for secondary school certification.
Intermediate level education in arts and science.
International English Language Testing System for English proficiency.

5. Muazzam Foundation Islamic Center

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Enrich Your Soul & Connect with Your Faith

Our Islamic Center, housed within the Jamia Masjid, provides spiritual education and community programs to strengthen your connection with Islam.

Learn to fluently read the Quran with proper pronunciation.
Master the rules of Quranic recitation.
Hifz for Boys & Girls
Memorize the Quran and preserve it in your heart.
Seerah Classes for Men & Women
Discover the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
One Year Basic Ilme Deen Course for Boys & Girls
A comprehensive course on Islamic knowledge and principles.

Community Programs:

We also host various social welfare and educational programs to enrich community life.

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