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Natural Disaster Relief

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Our Natural Disaster Projects

We are live on the ground supporting the fatal aftermath of natural disasters including earthquakes and floods where hundreds are left dead, injured, misplaced and homeless. In the last few decades, Pakistan has faced natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes and landslides that have escalated into humanitarian disasters, with the loss of lives, homes and livelihood. In 2022, Pakistan experienced one of the worst environmental disasters in the world. The record-breaking floods killed over 1,700 people, 1.2 million livestock and displaced over 7.9 million people. We are always the first and remain at the forefront of response and recovery projects. With your generous support, we reached thousands of flood-affected families to help relieve their immediate needs to provide:

  • Food parcels
  • Hot meals
  • Clean water
  • Temporary shelter i.e. tents
  • Essential packs including household items and hygiene kits
  • Mobile health clinic providing medical care

We are now on a long-term journey to rebuild communities. We have committed to building 100 homes for flood victims in remote areas. Your support can be a part of lasting change as you help to establish livelihoods for families.

Our Projects

How You Can Make A Difference

Shelter and Houses

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A house built by Muazzam Foundation in Pakistan after a natural disaster

We are building brick houses, in safe zones away from the floods. These displaced families were forced to flee after their homes were destroyed. Many of them have been living in makeshift shelters for months, completely exposed to the elements, and vulnerable to flooding, landslides and fires. An average home is 38m² and includes one main room, a kitchen, a washroom and a small yard. Build a house from £2,000.

1 Bed House
1 Bed House With Kitchen
2 Bed House

Food Packs & Meals

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A boy carrying a food pack in Pakistan

We all are aware that Pakistan has been severely hit by severe Monsoon spells this year. Those most affected by this were the impoverished, earning less than £2 per day and dependent on their agriculture. Thousands of families have been stranded day and night in flooded waters and sleeping under open skies. Thousands are in need of emergency aid today. As well as this we have an extensive list of the impoverished who cannot afford their daily food. Donate from as little as £2..

Hot Meal
£2 Per Meal
Food Pack | Half A Month
Food Pack | Whole Month

Mobile Healthcare

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Young children receiving medication at Muazzam Foundation's free medical camp for flood victims as part of their Natural Disaster Relief project.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right – yet millions of people around the world lack access to even the most basic treatments. Imagine seeing a loved one going through so much anguish and pain, yet not being able to comfort them with the assurance that their healthcare will be fully catered for. Many of the poorest people in the world do not have healthcare. They live too far away and there is no ambulance coming to their village. Those who need it most, the sick and elderly, struggle the most to get it and often, it’s too expensive.

£10 Per Patient

Water Projects

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A young girl drinking clean water provided by Muazzam Foundation's clean water project as part of the natural disaster relief programme.

We offer two of our water projects to natural disaster victims; hand pumps and water tankers. All hand pumps have a depth of around 80 metres and a life expectancy of between 3-5 years. Don’t worry! we will forever maintain these, so the longevity will be for a long time. Our tankers operate in areas where digging a clean source of water is not an option, and then we take water to the needy. Capable of providing up to 30,000 litres, a water tanker affords entire communities with one of the very basic amenities of life. Where regular water supply is reduced or inaccessible, tankers help provide those communities further away from operational towns access to clean water.

25 Ltr Plastic Water Container
Water Tanker | 25,000 Ltrs
Hand Pump
Water Well

Other Projects

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People receiving beds, food, duvets and blankets through Muazzam Foundation's natural disaster relief projects.

There are many other ways which you can help those that have lost everything, giving the gift of warmth is a priority as many will unfortunately live under the open skies until we can get a tent to them. Have a look at our other projects below.

Full Bedding
Bed (Charpai) With Bedding
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