“…Helping to Save, Transform, Empower and Change Lives…”

Muazzam Foundation, founded over two decades ago, is a unique trust that provides a vast array of both live saving and psychosocial support in Pakistan. The trust provides the vulnerable, poor and destitute with basic physiological and safety needs including food, water, shelter, clothing, education and healthcare, as well as belongingness and esteem needs including love, respect, strength and freedom. We ensure individuals are cared for in all aspects of life from obtaining qualifications/skills for employment to providing advice and guidance on methods to develop as a fully functioning individual of thriving communities.

We have many simultaneous on-going projects such as our sixty plus bed state of the art, recently opened, welfare hospital proving cutting-edge healthcare and medical treatment, institutions that help cater for every aspect of orphans, children with special needs, and the empowerment of women with essential skills to gain independence and self-sustainability. Moreover, we offer a multitude of successfully established projects including providing clean water and sanitation to prevent life threatening illnesses, the feeding of thousands of families through Ramadan and Qurbani, sanitation and cleaning services to reduce carbon footprint and supporting local poor residents with the opportunity to start small businesses with interest free loans.

Most notably – we have a 100% DONATION POLICY, meaning each and every penny donated goes towards the noble cause. In our foundation family we are all volunteers!



Making a Difference...

Since 1998, Cpt. Muazzam Ali Shaheed Welfare Foundation has established itself as a recognised charity organisation in the Jhelum district of Pakistan. The founder of the trust, Dr. Yousaf Akhtar, is cherished by the social welfare community because of his tireless social work and selfless character. The foundation was set up in Dr Yousaf's sons name having lost his beloved son in the army in 1998. 

The foundation has created a welfare programme for the poor and needy without any discrimination of gender, colour or religion. We strive to grow by carrying forward a greater cause; to serve the deprived and destitute people of Jhelum and adjoining areas.

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As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation

"...Spreading Peace & Blessings to the Needy..."

Welcoming our sister foundation - As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation (Reg: 1179615), a non-profit organization focused on fulfilling the universal responsibility of being compassionate citizens on earth by trying their utmost best to care for and fulfil the rights mankind regardless of race, gender or religion.

Their mission is to provide global humanitarian aid, relief and development with sincerity and compassion whilst saving lives, alleviating poverty, transforming and empowering local communities to ensure well-being and protection of the poor, needy and vulnerable.

To date As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation has taken care of the poor and needy globally in many countries including Yemen, Tanzania, Indonesia, Somalia, Syria, Palestine, Bangladesh, Uyghur, Uganda, Beirut, India, Burma, Palestine and the UK.

They too have a 100% DONATION POLICY.



Making A Difference


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