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Every 3 minutes, another person develops an eye disease in Pakistan.

Cataract is the most common cause of blindness in Pakistan. An estimated 23 million people in Pakistan are visually impaired as a result of cataract, and for 80%, that blindness is curable or reversible.

Cataract surgery cost in Pakistan ranges from PKR 35,000 – 150,000 – an amount many are unable to afford leaving them to live in darkness. The effects of blindness is a direct cause of poverty as it prevents people from working, getting an education, navigating their environment and increases risk of social isolation.


This year, the Muazzam Foundation aims to reach another 300+ beneficiaries, providing cataract surgeries, screenings and testing to people from impoverished backgrounds – giving the gift of sight to those in need.

With a donation of £50 per eye, you can pay for a life-changing cataract operation to restore someone’s sight. By this priceless gift of restoring sight, you will not only help an individual gain their independence but provide on-going benefits for the whole family for years to come.

Last Year

Our FREE Eye Camp saw hundreds of desperate patients attend with extreme eye conditions. We examined, in detail hundreds of OPD patients and referred 300 individuals for a cataract operation, covering 100% of the costs of all operations, examinations, doctors’ fee and medication.

"Whoever brings ease to one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this life and the Hereafter."

The Messenger (PBUH) (Source - Sahih Muslim)


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